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  • Lorentz transfo. implies kinetic energy of a body diminishes after emission of a radiation, therefore mass is energy (Einstein1905b) #sci140 #
  • c is independent from referential, therefore Lorentz beats Galileo (Einstein 1905a) #sci140 #
  • Phil Anderson did much better than140 characters with his famous paper self contained in the title : "More is different" #sci140 #
  • Selected for bacterial resistance. Got non poissonian distrib. of mutants with huge variance, ergo mutations preexisted selection. #sci140 #
  • RT @NatureNews Nice idea. RT @grace_baynes: Tweet a scientific paper in 133 characters? Challenge is on: #
  • Top 10 des espèces les plus invasives : (starring Fishzilla et la moule zèbre) #
  • Etes-vous plus vieux que votre âge ? (gasp !) #

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