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Grippe A : flippons ensemble

Communiqué d’une université US (le meeting en question est un meeting de profs) :

We learned at that meeting that hundreds of students have had the flu already this year, and that the normal number of cases of flu at this time of year is about zero. Subsequently, we have learned that one student has died due to complications from H1N1 flu. I wanted to bring this resolution to your attention, and to urge your flexibility in regard to student attendance.

Resolution from the University Faculty Committee – Amended

Whereas, the university anticipates a significant public health challenge during the 2009-2010 academic year posed by the spread of the H1N1 influenza virus.

Whereas, our students are among the at-risk population for this infection.

Whereas, the university is taking steps to minimize the spread of this infection.

Be it resolved that, the Faculty Senate encourages instructors to offer make-up exams following scheduled examinations, delayed due dates for other assignments, and excusal of classes missed due to illness, to facilitate the self-isolation component that is an essential part of the campus strategy to minimize the spread of this infection and the public health risk for the campus.

Je me demande si le fait que les étudiants vivent sur le campus n’est pas un problème dans ce cas : s’ils tombent malades, ils ne peuvent pas être exfiltrés chez leurs parents.

En attendant, je suis plus inquiet pour mon petit bébé que pour moi, mais j’imagine que tous les parents de nourrissons doivent ressentir cela à l’approche de l’hiver.

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